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Why was Macbeth banned during the time of King James I?

Posted on: January 14, 2011

During the time of King James I, witchcraft is something that is not to be trifled with. People believed in the power of the grimoires and the superstitions about the abilities of witches. In the context of the King, this belief of the topic is further supported by his own supernatural experiences. When his future bride, Anne of Denmark was sailing for Scotland, storms hampered her arrival and thus, the King himself went to Denmark to fetch his bride. According to several sources, in Denmark, he learned more about witchcraft. When he was sailing back for Scotland it was said that they also encountered storms and the King attributed this to the witches of Scotland trying to murder him. When he arrived in Scotland, he became intent on the persecution of witches and even other political figures for fear of being killed. He assumed the role as the expert on the topic of witchcraft and even went to the extent of publishing Demonologie, a book on his views on witchcraft. Because of this and his hundreds of persecutions, he is one of the most prominent witch hunter of all time. When Shakespeare wrote the book, he had the King’s interest for witchcraft in mind. It is said that the witch’s incantation in Macbeth is a real incantation. The King, being a witch hunter, banned the book because of this propaganda.



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